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Davy Joel Rippner - Leathersmithe.

Debut layout

At the Pender Island Community Hall
Saturday Open-air Farmers Market    
May long weekend - Thanksgiving long weekend

Modelling Davy's Sandals


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"Discoveries of sophisticated implements such as leather-burnishing tools made of animal bone reveal that Neandertals were far more technologically advanced than previously supposed."  
The Human Saga  Scientific American, September 2014

custom-built sandals for your  feet

one design

Lord/Lady of the Rings

DSC 3074

Prime oak-tanned bridle cowhide straps & midsole
Soletech Soleflex rubber half-sole and heel

An unprecedented 10 year guarantee for fit & finish
You pay only for replacement soles and heels


IMG 0101

An open-toe version is also available

IMG 3960

5 colour strap choice

Brooks Point beach 2

Two live fittings on North & South Pender Islands are required

Wendy Zackery 62
LOTR hybrid 1

Saddle-stitched Hybrid LOTR on the Test Course

20170514 110446

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“Loved the sandals & boots you made me at your shop on Lonsdale; those sandals did a lot of trekkin’”  VM  7/2014

"My sandals are wonderful -- Lots of folks asking about them.  I can wear them all day now and only feel a little break-in still happening if I walk fast for an hour or more.  I love them.”  RZ  6/2013

“I’m loving my sandals!  They are on my feet almost every day.  I go to Vallarta about once a week & usually wear the sandals when I go.  They’re getting lots of use.”   DF  6/2014

"The sandals feel great.” MS  6/2014           "You are a true artist."  Rf  8/2012


9 x 11.5 centimetres 4 compartment Herman Oak bridle cowhide wallets


Traditional saddle-stitched top grain oak-tanned calf
goat & bridle cowhide bags wallets & pouches


$80 -  $120 Hand saddle-stitched light & strong calf minimalist design  25gm
Credit Card Wallets - Many Colours - Lifetime Warranty

All bags, wallets & pouches are saddle-stitched by hand with beeswaxed
linen cord - many, like this one, with welt seams     Lifetime Guarantee


$75 calf and goat 2 compartment change-pouches

IMG 2217

Kip/calf/goat saddle-stitched stash or coin pouches  2 compartments
11 cm square  20 - 30 gm  $75

IMG 4786

Traditional braided calf sheet bend-tied bracelets  $15
raided calf Ranger Button bracelets  $25 - $45

20180519 120156 IMG 0792TasselsIMG 5131 P1160313 (1)
IMG 5120

Light tan    light brown   British tan     medium brown   natural 
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The Beats

"Nice lookin website, dude!   It has heart.”   JN  8/2012

"I LOVE your site!   So clean and easy to navigate, packed with very interesting information and history.  I will be back to read and explore some more.”   JF  8/2013

"Your website is fantastic!  You have immortalized your life experience.  The photos are exquisite."        GC  9/14

"I love your site and had a lot of fun looking through some history.  I look forward to seeing your shop soon."   CN  9/2014

"I found you through leathersmithe.com and through Pierre Coupey who mentioned your name in an interview.  Your website has been a wonderful resource - thank you!  I've enjoyed reading about the history of the North Shore and your work there.”   IL  2/2017

"I've just stumbled across your website, and I really appreciate all that it represents!”   DP  2/2017  

"What a great website.”   TC  5/2017

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Davy Joel Rippner