Belt Pouches

Unique designs fit up to 1½" wide belts.  Most are made of legendary Poetsch & Peterson latigo and shoe leathers. They have durable saddle-stitched belt loops.  I use no finish or dye on these pouches, just saddle soap, dubbin & carnauba wax to bring out the grain. Fine vegetable-tanned leathers age gracefully and don't require dye or colouring. 

Bring your pouch back to life with regular use of saddle soap and dubbin.

All Leathersmithe pouches are saddle-stitched by hand with 4 & 5 strand beeswaxed flax cord, back-stitched at the beginning & end for reinforcement.  Most have a welt seam which is a third burnished & polished layer of harness leather that cushions & protects the cord from abrasion and prolongs the life of the pouch.  This adds about an hour to the construction time and produces a unique, finely-finished edge you won't see elsewhere.  Lightweight designs have a reversed saddle-stitched seam.

Shoulder Pouches
Commemorative Pouches
Passport Pouches
Drum-back Pouches

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30gm - 88gm

$100 - $125

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