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Saddle-Stitching, Piping & Welt-Seam Techniques
Glossary of Shoe Types
Sole Survivor
Glossary of Footwear Terminology

Making Your Own LOTRs  
San Francisco's Poetsch & Peterson Tannery Archive
West Coast Historical Tannery Archive
George Barnsley & Sons Leather Tools
Hermann Oak© Tannery Tour
Parts of the Western Saddle
Working in Harness - A Saddler's Shop
The Honourable Cordwainers’ Company
Saddle-Soaping, Applying Dubbin, Repairs
Red Crow Leather
Leather & Glass Artists Compare Notes
Body Leather
Martin Jackson, Calligrapher
Pender Islands Saturday Farmers Market
Pender Islands, British Columbia
Pender Islands Fall Fair
Pender Islands Conservancy Association 
Mudflats Living, Shangri-la, & Malcolm Lowry
Vancouver Arts in the ‘60s
A Social Activist's Ultimate Legacy   Death with dignity
Mrs. Blunt's Bequest
Solar  25 years before the mast
SmugMug Photographic Galleries Index
Preliminary Assessment of Subtidal Habitat
Implications of Sea Level Rise to Coastal BC Waters
Mediator training manual - Humboldt Mediation
A Green Speech from the Throne
Our Renewable Future by Richard Heinberg
Could BC Become a 100% Renewable Energy Region?

David Boyd "The Optimistic Environmentalist” 
February 7, 2014  Pender Islands Conservancy Association potluck presentation

Kilowatts & Kilowatt-hours
Stoner Panels
Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of Our Lives
DeLuxe Utopian Vision: Q & A with Davy 
Knee Deep in the Mudflats: Q & A with
photographer Bruce Stewart

National Film Board Mudflats Living
The Be-In  Vancouver, 1967
What Happened Last Summer  Kits, 1967

Nard & Pat My first wife, Vera
Catonsville Nine On the run in the ‘60s
On the Road    Travels of Jack Kerouac across America   full text
Siddhartha  A Journey to Enlightenment - download the book
The Good Earth   Pearl S Buck   full text
My grandfather’s old ram   From Roughing It  by Mark Twain  

Greenfield Zero Waste initiative
Do something drastic - cut the plastic.

The Brendan Voyage  Forty-nine oxhides
stitched together & stretched over a wooden frame.

Wine & climate change Kimberly Nicholas

Will we still enjoy Pinot Noir?

Put that Damned Old Mattock Away Excerpts from David J Spalding’s writing.
don marquis  Toujours gai, always the lady  

Jayzey Lynch

The Realist

The man who turned on the world  The Millbrook Happenings

Cranberry Lake's Summer of Drugs  Meanwhile, at Cranberry Lake

The Prince of Possibility   When Ken Kesey seemed capable of making anything happen

The Doors of Perception  Aldous Huxley   full text

Woody Guthrie's New Years Rulin’s

Acid Dreams  The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, The Sixties, and Beyond

The Psychedelic Experience  A manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead   full text

Drugs and the 
meaning of life

Legalize it all

Owsley "Bear” Stanley

Mish’s global economic trends

Why We Need a Speed Limit for the Internet   Consider the implications
before you judge

Our man in Fiorenza
Paen to Irene Roberts
Sandal heel & sole replacements
Leatherworkers Events 2016 - 2017
Alternative materials to leather: environmental impacts & cost
Hide and skin production around the world
The entire epidermal layer of your skin turns over every 48 days
Reducing water use in tanneries
Wood-chopping Charity Struck a Cord
How the Web became unreadable
Gallery of Ansel Adams tannery photos
New York Kika
NY Leatherdesign

Vermont Rilleau Leather 
World Corporation Control
Fine Leatherworking
Videos: Leather goods makers old and new
Thomas Ware & Sons Tannery

Connolly Leather

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Belvoir glycerine large 2

Fez tannery

Fez, Morroco  goatskin dye yards



Sheet bend knot - learn to tie it!