Jan 13, 1991 Owsley "Bear” Stanley excerpt
from a 6 hour interview by David Gans

source: https://archive.org/details/bear-gans1991-01-13

the grateful dead july-18-1972
german Magnetophon audio recorder
the band demo 1973
Bear Jerry-1968
nrps panama red adventures rear 640w
barry fey r.i.p
samplitude waveform
archive hat smoking
nrps panama red adventures front 640w
gd benefit show 1988-09-24
July 1973 Grateful Dead sound
ampex avsd factory
cowboy guitar
jerry and ramrod
the 16-channel Bing Crosby prototype video tape recorder
cliff-house-fire 1982
david gans

1987  Prior to taping, David Gans, author and producer of the radio show, "The Grateful Dead Hour," relaxes in recording studio. Image by Philip Gould/CORBIS

Sony770 tape deck used by Bear
ampex vpr-3
grisman rice garcia
captain trips
owsley blt
europe-72 reels latvala
bear bus
bear and phil
gd dancer
watkins glen news headline
Sony770 tape deck connector panel
bear garcia
gd73-08-01 syf-peeled
1-thumbnail Owsley Stanley